How Do Big Box Tire Chains Like Big O Tires and Discount Tires Stack Up Against Independently Owned Local Options?

Buying tires and selecting an auto repair center are not easy tasks. This is especially true if you have had a negative experience in the past. Most car owners are not experts in either tires or in vehicle repair and maintenance so you may feel very much at the mercy of the salespeople that you talk to.

You may even feel like they are out to get you.

Basically the typical car owner has three different choices when looking into a company to work with for their tire replacement and vehicle care. The first option is the one that is most well-known since these companies have a lot of money for advertising. They are the “Big Box” types of stores.

The next option is the brand specific tire store. These only sell one brand of tire, their own, and they often have limited choices for you as the consumer. The third and last choice is the one we think is the best. This is a small, independent, family-owned and operated tire store.

With these three options in mind let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each. This will highlight why Boulder Tire, falling into the third category of store, is definitely going to come out ahead of the competition.


Big National Chain And Brand Stores (Big O Tires and National Tires)

Big O Tires Boulder
There are different types of nationally franchised chain stores that offer tires and vehicle repair services. These may be brand specific such as Firestone or Goodyear, or they can be huge companies that sell lower quality tires at a high volume.

Regardless of the type of big national chain there will be definite limitations for you as a customer. First, they will only offer tires that are high volume sellers, which means that your selection will be limited. Special orders are often discouraged at best or not even provided at worst. You will also be limited to selecting from the tire manufacturers that the company has a working relationship with, resulting in further limiting your selection.

The salespeople at these stores are generally pretty well informed about the tires that they sell but not about how these tires stack up against other options on the market. Sales are usually driven by quotas and commissions so you may be talked into buying a tire that actually works for the salesman’s bottom line rather than for the road conditions you drive.

The vast majority of these big companies focus in on passenger vehicle tires and repairs only. This means that you may need to a work with two different sets of mechanics and two different companies if you need work on a big truck or on your specialty vehicles.


Independent Tire Shops

Boulder Tires is independently owned and run as a family business. Our goal is to provide you with the best tire for your driving needs. Since we aren’t owned by a tire brand or chain, we can honestly shop brands, models and styles and give you feedback on what will work best for your driving habits and needs. Chances are good that we have real world experience with a tire you are interested in and have seen how it performs in driving conditions similar to or the same as yours.

With a great working relationship with all major tire manufacturers and distributors we can bring in any tire you want from lower priced entry tires to the high end tires for your specialty vehicles or your family car. Our salespeople, technicians and mechanics are well versed in all types of tires and vehicle repairs and give you honest, accurate information not driven by sales numbers or commissions.

We strive to create a relationship that is built on your trust and confidence in our ability to give you the best tires, repairs and service while staying within your budget. Boulder Tire mechanics and technicians aren’t here to sell you something you don’t need or talk you into a repair that isn’t essential.


The Boulder Tire Philosophy

We know that when we do a great job on your car you will come back again and again. As responsible business professionals in the community we would rather have your business for a lifetime and not just make a big sale and have you walk out feeling like you didn’t get treated fairly.

We offer one-stop convenience for the repair and maintenance of your vehicles. We can complete an alignment, rotate your tires, change your oil or fix your brakes all in the same place. This not only saves you down time as your vehicle is being repaired but it also allows us to really get to know your vehicle and make the recommendations needed to keep it safely and dependably on the road.

If you look at the differences between us and the competition we hope our outstanding customer service will speak for itself. Give us a call so that we can answer all your questions and offer a pressure-free shopping environment. We are always here to help you stay safely on the road.