Things You Should Do and Shouldn’t Do if You get Stuck in the Snow

October 26th, 2015

Snow is a regular part of Colorado winters, which means you may have to deal with your car getting stuck in the snow. When this happens, it’s important to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

What to Do if You get Stuck

  • •  Turn your Steering Wheel from Side to Side – This can help to loosen the tires up and clear snow from around the tires. You can gain traction and friction from moving the wheel from side to side.
  • •  Use Kitty Litter or Sand – It’s a good idea to carry a bag of sand or kitty litter during the winter. This is a great choice when you need traction. Pour it around your tires for better traction when stuck in the snow. (Without sand or kitty litter at your disposal, you can try using a floor mat.)
  • •  Clear Snow from Around the Tires – Removing the snow from around the tires is one of the first steps to take when you get stuck.
  • •  Rocking your Car – By rocking your car between reverse and forward, you may be able to clear snow and gain traction. However, be careful doing this as it can damage the transmission if you don’t do it properly.
  • •  Try a Lower Gear – Another trick to getting out of the snow is to switch to a lower gear.

What NOT to Do when You get Stuck

  • •  Spin your Tires – It’s a bad idea to spin your tires when stuck in the snow. Most of the time, you will just dig yourself deeper in.
  • •  Leave Your Wheels Turned – When you’re ready to try and get out of the snow, make sure you straighten the wheels.
  • •  Floor the Gas – Giving the car too much gas can make it harder to get out of the snow. Take it slow and steady to dig yourself out faster.
  • •  Forget about the Tailpipe – When caught in the snow, it’s important to check the tailpipe. Make sure it’s not covered or you could be in danger of allowing toxic gasses into the cabin of the vehicle.

Use these tips if you get stuck in the snow and make sure you check your tires before winter arrives.


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